Centennial Container is your source for shipping boxes at fantastic savings. We are a unique industry which is really recycling in the purest form. Since 1985 we have helped many businesses save money buying our wide variety of corrugated boxes.

Our specialty is overstock, misprint, obsolete, and used boxes, often at a savings of 50% over "stock boxes". These boxes may or may not have printing, be white or brown, and are in a wide variety of sizes including sizes not normally sold as stock boxes. Our customers include large wholesalers in many industries, as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies looking to save on shipping supplies. If you can be flexible in your box needs, our company can save you substantially on your shipping costs.

To continue to supply our customers, Centennial is always in the market to purchase manufactures overruns or misprints, warehouse operations managers stockpiles, and waste technician's large quantities of boxes that are too good for scrapping. We want to buy your boxes!

We have a huge inventory of boxes in our 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which is stocked to the ceiling with boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Centennial's employees are very adept at finding just the right boxes that will suit your needs and save you money. If you prefer new boxes, we have stock brown, white, and custom design boxes available, as well as die-cut, mailers, trays, bins, folders, files, and sheets. Whatever your shipping needs are, we have everything that everyone offers in boxes and shipping supplies.

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